RSS better not die

Yesterday I blogged about blogging dying. RSS is another of my loves that seems to be dying. I’ve read about so many people that have given up on RSS for Twitter or Facebook. While I get their point, RSS is like an email inbox that is always filling up, I don’t think I could ever give it up. I’ve tried doing it a day here and a day there, but I alway fear I’m going to miss something in my feeds. I need my RSS feeds, and it sucks that they are dying a little.

I’m finding more and more sites don’t have RSS feeds anymore. YouTube is one example. I subscribe to a bunch of YouTube channels in my feed reader, while older channel’s feeds seem to work fine, new channels don’t seem to have feeds. It sucks because YouTube’s subscription management is a mess. I hope this isn’t another sign of Google giving up on RSS.

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Blog about blogging

So today I noticed I received a new comment on my blog. I almost forgot that that was even a thing. I’ve never been popular enough to get too many comments, but I use to comment on a lot of blogs. It’s been years since I’ve commented on a blog. I think I’m going to change that this year. The problem is nobody blogs anymore.

I’ve Said it before, but I really miss all the blogs I use to read. After reading someone’s blog for years, I really feel like I know them. They feel like real friends that I know a lot about, but might not even know their real name. Is that crazy?

Of the 100s of blogs I’m still subscribed to, only a handful still blog. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of friends despite following a lot of them on Twitter. Twitter just isn’t the same.

I’ve thought about shutting my blog down, but then where would I rant? Where would I share the Internet links that I find interesting? The though of shutting down my blog makes me want to blog even more. I don’t look at my stats, I have no idea if anybody reads this, and I don’t care. I do it for me.

So if your still reading, thanks? I guess? And go post something on your blog, even if it’s just a picture of your breakfast.

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