I’m finally getting back to normal life after my quick Boston trip. I feel like I didn’t see much of Boston. The subways were great and easy to get around with, but the downside is you don’t get to see much of the city, unlike San Francisco, which you could see much of the city riding on a Muni bus.

I love sushi, but my wife doesn’t, so I seldom get to have it. So of course we went to seek out sushi for our first Boston meal. We stayed just a few block from Chinatown, so oddly enough, we found a great sushi place in Chinatown via Yelp. I don’t have much sushi experience, but this was by far the best I’ve ever had. So if you’re ever in Boston, check out Avana Sushi. It’s just a hole in the wall, but it was great.

Thursday night we took the train to Gillette Stadium for the Patriots game. The train was kind of a joke. It didn’t leave early enough for you to see the start of the game. The train was massive. I think it was 22 or so cars long of double-decking seating. That massive amount of people caused a huge bottle neck getting into the stadium. We didn’t get to our seats until halfway through the first quarter and missed the first two scores. Gillette Stadium was a cool experience, but I preferred the character and traditions at Candlestick park over Gillette Stadium.

On Friday we headed out for some coffee and breakfast, so we stopped in at the Boston Brewin Coffee Co. It was a great little coffee shop. The barista recommended that we ride the ducks. I’ve rode ducks in a few other cities. It’s a pretty touristy thing to do, but we thought it would be a good way to see a big chunk of the city, so that’s what we did.

Then Saturday we were back in Minneapolis for the rest of the weekend. It was another fun trip to see another NFL stadium.

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Weekend in Boston

So this week I’m going to be in Boston for a few days. My buddy and I are going to the Patriots game this Thursday. Neither of us are fans of either team, but we like checking out other teams stadiums and traditions. Two years ago we went to San Francisco to check out Candlestick Park. I really liked the city, but it was definitely a different world from what I am use to. In a perfect world, it would be cool to see a game at all the NFL stadiums, but I know that’s not feasible. I’ve seen games in three different NFL stadiums so far, and all three, Mile High Stadium, The Metrodome, and Candlestick park, no longer exist. I hope we keep going. There are a lot of cities and stadiums that I would love to check out.

My buddy is a big fan of Boston, I’ve never been. We have a free day on Friday. I have no idea what we will be doing, or should be doing. Any ideas?

It should be a good time, and Go JETS!!!

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Windows 10

This is my first blog post using Windows 10. I’m pretty OS agnostic. I have a slight preference to Mac OS X, but dang near everything is on the web and in the cloud these days, so OS barely matters anymore.

I wish Apple made a desktop computer for me. I have two nice Dell 24″ monitors. I don’t want my monitor built in like an iMac, I’m not spending $3000 on a Pro, and I’m not buying a two-year-old Mini. So that means I had to build my own.

I built my computer last month, because my old one was getting really long in the tooth. It was originally a Hackintosh, running Mac OS X on it. It’s relatively easy to install Mac OS X on a PC if you buy compatible parts. It worked great, except for a few problems, but those few problems drove me nuts. So I thought I would give the Windows 10 Technical Preview a shot. Screw Apple, if they don’t make decent reasonable desktop computer, I guess I will go back to Windows.

I really like Windows 10 so far. I always try out beta operating systems as soon as I can. I was running Vista and 7 both a year before their actual releases. I tried Windows 8 early, and I learned I didn’t want anything to do with 8. So far I think Microsoft is doing a good job keeping their every other version being good streak alive. I have yet to have a single problem with 10. I think the Technical Preview is pretty solid.

I’m actually getting excited for Windows again, and I’m a little worried for Apple. They just don’t seem the same without Steve Jobs.

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RSS Spring Cleaning

I’ve been mostly on Feedly since Google Reader shut down. I tried most of the options out there, but at that time, Feedly was the best. Today I switched to Inoreader. Nothing wrong with Feedly, but Inoreader just seems faster, and I like the cleaner interface, and it has every option I could imagine I would want.

With the switch I figured I should do some house cleaning instead of bringing a bunch of dead feeds with me from site to site. I literally have never cleaned up my RSS feeds. I have well over 1000 feeds in my OPML, some dating back to 2000 that have long been dead. I have just moved my OPML file from site to site. From way before Google Reader even existed to now, way after Google Reader has gone away.

In doing so, I’m really seeing a blast from the past. So many bloggers, people that I read for so long that I felt like I knew them, are just gone. I guess I haven’t really missed them, it’s just a little sad to see either nothing at their domain, or a link farm. Sometimes I miss the good ol’ days when people actually blogged.

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