I wonder…

Back in 1994 I was living in a college dorm. I don’t remember how I discovered it, but I found a note written on the bottom of a drawer from the 70s. I don’t remember much about it, but it did mention going to a Kiss concert. It was pretty cool hearing from the past.

So of course I added my note from the 90s. I don’t remember what I wrote, but I know I mentioned that we lost “our” rock legend Kurt Cobain that year.

I wonder if my note has been discovered? I wonder if it’s still there? I wonder if there are some new notes? I’ll probably never know the answers to these questions.

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Feeling the Feels

Last night was Motion City Soundtracks final show. I so wish I could have made it. The logistics of getting to Chicago, and the fact that it sold out in a second, made it not possible for me to be there. I’m just going to have to live it through YouTube. Here is the final song, of the final show, of their final tour. So long, Farewell.

The name of their final tour was the “So Long Farewell Tour”. It’s the title of a bonus track off their My Dinosaur Life album. They played it during our VIP acoustic show. It was one of my best/saddest concert experiences.

They also have a song called “Don’t Call it A Comeback” on their first album. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday we will have a “Don’t call it a comeback tour”. Until then, I have six wonderful albums, and some amazing memories of seeing my favorite band fourteen times.

Thanks for the amazing music and being the coolest dudes Justin, Josh, Jesse, Matt, and Tony. You’ll always be my favorite one.

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Is it time to switch to Android?

So like most people, I was pretty disappointed with the latest Apple announcements. I like Apple products, but I’m not a fanboy by far. I have Windows, and Linux machines, and even a Chromebook. I use and like everything. There are tons of things that I hate about Apple. In fact it’s been a long time since there has been a good Apple announcement. Every announcement these days seems to add limitations to their products. They just aren’t the same company without Steve Jobs.

I’ve been an iPhone user since 2010 when the iPhone 4 finally came to Verizon. Back then the iPhone was clearly the best phone. Blackberrys sucked, and Android was in it’s infancy. Now Android has totally caught up and in many ways is better than iOS. So I went from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 and now I have an iPhone 6. Every two years I’ve been getting a new iPhone. Every two years there have been enough improvements that I want the upgrade. I don’t think the technology is moving that fast anymore. All my previous upgrade my phone was feeling pretty sluggish when I was due for an upgrade. My iPhone 6 seems fine though. Plus, honestly I consider the iPhone 7 a downgrade. For some dumb reason they no longer have a 64 GB iPhone anymore. It’s either 32 GB or 128 GB. I don’t really need 128, but I would like more than 32. So an upgrade for me would be a loss of 32 GBs and a headphone jack. No thank you.

Yeah, I’ll be keeping my iPhone 6 for a while, and maybe switching to Android if Apple quits making suitable phones. Just like their computers and laptops, Apple is seeming to make them worse and worse and only pleasing the fanboys that buy them just because they have the Apple logo on them.

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They Found Jacob

So on Saturday the news was released that they found the body of Jacob Wetterling. I don’t know how big of story his abducted was nationally, but here in Minnesota it was huge. We were on our way to the Minnesota State Fair when we heard the news. Shortly after hearing the news, we drove right by the location he was abducted at. It’s no longer a convenience store. It’s now a veterinarian clinic.

I remember the day he was abducted. At the time I was a ninth grader in northern Minnesota. We had a current events class and the two biggest events that year were the Burlin Wall coming down and the Jacob Wetterling abduction. It’s amazing that 27 years later, the guy they caught looks just like the police sketchings from 1989. They new who it was all along, they just couldn’t find any evidence.

After my freshman year of high school, we moved to the St. Cloud area, the area where Jacob lived. It was even a bigger deal down there. They even named a newly built bridge “The Bridge of Hope”, in his memory. I later dated a girl that was in Jacobs class. She lived not too far from that convenience store. In fact we walked together to that convenience store a few times, just like Jacob did. Every time we thought about Jacob.

They nabbed the abductor on child porn charges. He’ll probably be spending the rest of his life behind bars just for the porn charges. He made some sort of deal and told authorities where the body was buried. He actually worked with my wife’s aunt for eight years. He was arrested at work. It’s crazy to think how someone could hide that for all these years. He was actually a pretty smart criminal. They new he did it, but could never prove anything. But like all sick bastards, it eventually catches up with them.

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My thought on Kaepernick

So here on my thoughts about Colin Kaepernick. I think he has every right to sit. Personally I don’t think it’s the right place to make a statement. It’s about as productive as changing your Twitter avatar. Nobody is really talking about why he is sitting during the National Anthem, just that he is. At the same time, I defend his right to sit. That’s what America is all about, our freedoms and our right to criticize the government.

People who disagree with Kaepernick scare me. Forced patriotism is not patriotism. This is not North Korea. I’d argue that Kaepernick is the bigger patriot. I still think his sitting during the National Anthem is silly, and wish he would do something more productive, but it is what it is. Not much of a story, but it’s all people are talking about.

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Pokémon What?

Oh, hello blog. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy catching Pokémon. Before July I didn’t know what a Pokémon was. I’m old, Pokémon wasn’t a part of my childhood. Pokémon Go sounds dumb, but man it’s fun. I’ve put more miles on my bike the last month and a half than the previous ten years. Pokéstops around my house are just to far apart to walk it. I prefer biking anyway, the only downside is that I have to keep it slow for the kilometers to count.

It’s been great. I’ve seen parts of town I’ve never seen before. I’ve pretty much biked fifteen to twenty miles every day I’ve had off, and five to ten on days I’ve worked twelve hours. It’s weird, I just can’t wait to hope on my bike again. It’s bringing me back to my childhood, not the Pokémon part, but the biking part. I use to bike all over the little town I grew up in. It feels great to get out and do that again.

I should reach level 22 this weekend. It seems to be a constant battle to keep up with everybody’s level. That’s part of the drive I guess. I don’t want to fall too far behind. I’m dreading winter. It’s going to be difficult to play when it’s so cold that it’s dangerous to be outside.

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