She’s GONE

After nine months my Mother-in-law has finally moved out. It’s so nice to be in a quiet house once again. She always had to have the TV on for background noise. She even slept with the TV on all night. I don’t know how many nights that I couldn’t get to sleep because of the noise from her TV.

It was three long days moving her stuff and getting everything set up. I still have sore muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I’m getting too old for this. If we ever move again I am totally hiring movers.

She moved into a cute little old house that as lots of character. The rooms are really small though, so we were coming up with all kinds of space saving ideas, and I guess I’m pretty good at mounting TVs. I’ve never mounted a TV before, but they had three to mount. Apparently their friends liked my work and I may have some more mounting jobs in the future. I hope I didn’t make too much more work for myself.

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Green Day live from 1990

I ran across this old video of Green Day. This was a few years before I discovered them after they released their Kerplunk album. Most of the songs are from their first album 39/Smooth. I loved them back then just as much as I do now. I wish they still played some of these songs live, but they just got too many hits now to play any of the old stuff that most people probably don’t know anyway.

It’s crazy now to think these little punk kids are now multi millionaires, have toured the world many times over, and are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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The B-est of B-sides

Happy record store day! I hope you went out and bought some good music. I didn’t. Part of me misses the days of picking up a tape or CD and listening to it straight through while checking out the cool album art and possibly even lyrics. I remember even going to record stores at 12:00 am Tuesday mornings to be the first to get the new releases. Yeah, I was crazy.

I’m jealous of Scott Heisel’s finds.

When my Mom passed away I inherited her vinyl collection. A month or so ago I borrowed a record player and checked some of it out. Her music isn’t for me, but I did like the sound. I haven’t ever really listened to vinyl before. I understand now how some people think vinyl sounds the best. I don’t know if I agree, but it does have a different nice sound. Part of me wants to start collecting vinyl, but I’m kind of over owning physical media. I got boxes and boxes full of CDs, DVDs, and books stashed away in storage. I’m just sick of the clutter. As much as I prefer physical media, and miss the good ol’ days, I’m all digital now.

There was even a new Homestar Runner video today to celebrate record store day.

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