Go Broncos

I seldom blog about sports. I don’t know why, but I find sports talk boring as hell. Sports interviews are the worst. They always ask the lamest questions, and get the lamest answers. Mostly pointless waste of time if you ask me.

I’m not a huge sports fan, but I am a huge football fan. Mostly NFL, I don’t have the time to watch college football too. There are a lot of things that I hate about the NFL, but I grew up watching it. I actually still remember watching games when I was eight years old. That was the year most of my memories start at. Watching the excitement of a rookie by the name of John Elway made me a fan of the Denver Broncos. He wasn’t, great as a rookie, but he in was exciting to watch. I became a fan for life.

That year was 1983, the Raiders won the Super Bowl. I have only missed one Super Bowl since. When I became a Broncos fan, they only had one Super Bowl appearance, back in 1977 when I was 2. Since I became a fan in 1983 they have mostly been a pretty decent team. I’ve watched them play in six Super Bowls. The two wins were amazing. Not much is better than your team winning it all. The four loses were horrible though. I would almost rather they didn’t even make it than suffer a Super Bowl loss. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a big fan. Every game is so nerve wrecking, especially this season.

It’s been a fun two weeks knowing my team is back in the big game again. This will be my 7th time seeing them play in the Super Bowl. It will be on the 7th of February, which happens to be my birthday. John Elway also wore the number 7. The numbers add up to good things, but I’m scared because it’s Super Bowl 50, and the roman numeral for 50 is a big L. I hope that’s not what the Broncos are going to get.

Either way, it was another good season, and I’m a fan for life.

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Getting Old

So it’s Saturday and time for another blog post. I haven’t mentioned it, but this year my goal was to try and blog more. My goal is once a week, and lately Saturday seems to be the day. I know nobody blogs anymore and it sucks. I’m going to do my part to keep blogging a thing. I miss the good ol’ blogging days. It doesn’t really matter to me if anybody reads this. It’s mostly for me. It feels good to get things off my chest.

So I’m still dealing with this tooth/jaw pain this week. Monday it was mostly my jaw that hurt after eating. I went to the doctor, got some pain meds, then the pain moved again. It’s now the tooth on the opposite side of my mouth than before. It’s so weird how the pain moves after seeing someone about it. I don’t know if it’s just the pain meds, but the pain does seem to feel like it’s slowly going away.

I have another doctors appointment on Friday. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate visiting the doctor? This was is a follow up because of my high blood pressure. The last few times I’ve had it checked it’s been on the high side. I guess it’s probably time to do something about it. Getting old sucks, but I guess it beats dying young. So I guess I should start paying attention to my health.

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Painful Chompers

For the past two weeks I’ve been dealing with some major tooth pains. One on each side of my mouth and both in fillings I got in November. I’ve been to my dentist and even went to another one to get a second opinion, and nobody knows why I’m in so much pain.

There is this weird thing about me. When ever I go to see a doctor about something, just waiting in the waiting room cures me temporally. So both times that I went in to the dentist I wasn’t in too much pain, so they probably didn’t think that much of it. It’s still a mystery why I’m in so much pain and no one knows why.

I am such a wuss when it comes to pain. I had a huge todo list this week and didn’t get anything done. I hate laying around and doing nothing, but I can’t think or concentrate when I’m in pain. We’ll see how this weekend goes. If I’m not doing any better I may have to give the dentist a third shot at figuring what’s wrong with my teeth. I’m hoping they just magically get better on their own.

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New Kitchen Disaster

So we enjoyed our new kitchen for a week. Late last week we noticed our laminate flooring was buckling up at one of the seams. Then the next morning it was buckling all over.

Turns out, when the plumber hooked up our dishwasher, he tightened the drain line too tight and cracked it. We’ve had a slow leak for a week that wrecked our flooring.

So now our kitchen flooring is ripped up and they have to remove our new cabinets to make sure the floor is dry and not damaged underneath. At first the plumber wasn’t going to take responsibility for it. I made it blatantly clear that it was in no way my fault. I would be happy to take the blame and put in a claim to my insurance if it was indeed a dishwasher malfunction, but it was clearly an installation error, and I didn’t install it.

Thankfully, the plumber is now putting a claim in to his insurance. I don’t know if he was just seeing if I was dumb enough to take the blame or what, but now it sounds like the plumbers insurance will cover everything.

We got an estimate of nearly five grand to do all the work. It’ll be a pain in the ass until it’s done, but it will be so nice. I guess free flooring in our kitchen is worth the inconvenience.

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Cloud Backup

So last year at this time I was in the process of backing up all my files to OneDrive. At the time they were offering unlimited storage with Office 365. So I thought what the hell, I’d have an affordable place for my online backups and get office thrown in for free. I guess too many people had a similar idea and late last year Microsoft took away their unlimited storage.

So a couple months ago I switched to Amazon Cloud Drive. Their unlimited everything plan is $60 a year. They had some sales going on, and I got a year free from a purchase I made. Uploading all my files was way faster too. It only took my Synology NAS a month or so to back up 1.5 TB to Amazon.

So in the end I can thank Microsoft. Switching to Amazon saved me money and has faster uploads. I don’t get Office, but I never use it anyway.

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