There is no paint thinner in your cereal

Sometimes I wish I had the time to research all the nonsense I see posted on Facebook. If a title sounds outrageous, it’s 99.99% likely to be bullshit.

Today I saw that the FDA approved paint thinner in kid’s cereal.

Yeah, pretty obviously bullshit, but one of my family members believed it and posted it on Facebook.

A Google search brings up mostly the crank sites. I dug a little deeper and it seems they were complaining about trisodium phosphate in cereal. Which for starters, isn’t a paint thinner, but it is a chemical! Guess what? EVERYTHING is chemicals. I’m chemicals, YOU are chemicals, your computer is chemicals. They are everywhere, and everything. Chemicals have multiple uses, and every chemical is safe and dangerous. It’s really the dosage that matters. Believe it or not, there is an acceptable level for cyanide in public water systems. It’s extremely low, 0.2 mg/L, but there is a level where cyanide is harmless. Just because you never heard of a chemical, or it has a long name, doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.

Trisodium phosphate at high concentrations is a good cleaner. In food, at a much lower concentration, trisodium phosphate is used as an antioxidant.

I didn’t research it any further because who has time for that? This article was just simply chemophobia with a catchy headline. Why people forward crap like this on is beyond me. It’s just more proof that we need more and better science education in our school systems.

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What’s been going on…

Life has been crazy of late. I’ve barely had any internet time. Here is what I have been up to:

Two weeks ago we got my Mother-in-Law moved out of her house. She is now currently living with us until she finds a place here in Fargo. Hopefully it doesn’t take her that long. I don’t mind her too much, but it’s a little annoying having her around all the time and having to always wear pants.

Last weekend was my Fantasy Football draft. I hate when people go on and on about their teams, so I won’t bore you with that. I think it’s pretty crazy that my league is in it’s 21st season.

We’ve been having problems with something eating our tomatoes in our garden recently. Over the weekend we figured out it was slugs. I read online that little cups of beer attracts and traps slugs. This was after the first night.
Slug trap
So there is a use for Milwaukee’s Best. It’s cheap and pretty much undrinkable, but great for catching slugs. I ended up with 7 cups with 8 to 10 slugs in each one.

Today is the first day of a little vacation for me. Tomorrow we are heading to the cities to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum and then Thursday is the Minnesota State Fair and we are seeing Fall Out Boy with Paramore. Should be a fun week.

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