• Does it get better?

    This time of year is really hard for me. My mother passed away five years ago on December 20th. That was the hardest Christmas ever, and Christmas has never been the same since. It just sucked opening presents from her without her there, getting packages to her house and trying to guess who’s gifts they were, finding the Christmas turkey in the trunk of her car weeks later. I don’t think Christmas will ever be a happy time for me.

    We were in the mall over the weekend and it just being decked out in Christmas is depressing for me. Then they played “Let It Go” by Passenger and I almost lost it. That song was big back in 2013. So many lines of that song rang true the night my Mom passed. We had to drive home in a snow storm. The lines of missing the sun when it starts to snow and hating the road when you’re missing home really sunk in. When we got to the hospital that song was on, and then when we left the hospital, who knows how many hours later, that song was on again.

    My Mom was super organized. She had about everything for her funneral planned, even the songs she wanted. We played her songs, but we also adding the Passenger song.

    That song also popped up during the Super Bowl a couple months later. My Mom always loved the Budweiser clydesdale horses commercials, and that year that Passenger song was in those Budweiser commercial. It was such a fitting coincidence. 

  • Schmolitics

    I had a post about the election all written up in my head, but after last night and this morning I need a break from politics. My plan was to rake leaves today, but I woke up to this.

  • November

    So it’s November. Is No Shave November still a thing? I’ve never tried it. I can’t grow a beard for shit. After about two weeks I look like a homeless person and it doesnt get much better after that.

    This year I heard of this thing called No Nut November. Yep, you try to go the whole month without orgasming. I don’t get it. I also won’t be participating in this one either, although I have so far, but it’s only the 3rd.

  • Shiny Shiny

    Is it bad that I just put in for vacation for November’s Pokemon Go Community Day? It’s the first community day that I’ve been scheduled to work. I don’t want to miss my chance at getting a shiny Cyndaquil!

  • I’m Back

    The other day I ended up down a rabbit hole reading old blogs and tweets on the Wayback Machine. I miss the good ol’ blogging days. Even Twitter was so much better way back then.

    So I’m going to try to blogging more. After I brushed off my blog I noticed it got hacked with some spam link injections. I thought it was good with auto updates on, but I guess not. I cleaned house. I removed all the plugins I could. I got a new simple and clean theme. There will be no more auto posts from Twitter or Instagram. My blog will just be me blabbing on. That’s what I miss, so that’s what I’ll do.

    Now everything on the internet is so political and everybody is overreacting to everything. Growing up we were taught that it was good to read the news and know what’s going on, but that was before this 24 hour news cycle we got now. Now the news just flows to you. We are all over consuming it. I’m trying to read less of it. It’s ok to not know everything that’s going on. 99% of it probably doesn’t affect you anyway. 

    So I’m just going to do some frivolous blogging to get my mind off of the horrible things happening in the world. If you want to too that would be great. I’d love to read what you have to say.