Like everybody else, I’ve been watching the price of Bitcoin skyrocket. If I would have bought $1000 in Bitcoin back when I first heard about it, it would be worth over 100 million dollars now. Talk about kicking myself. I started buying Bitcoin this spring, and have close to $1000 now. I’m sure it will be worth nothing soon, but who knows. I don’t want to miss out on millions if it keeps going up.

I don’t think Bitcoin is a great investment. The bubble will pop, it’s just a matter of when and how big it will get. I’m just playing around with it with money I can afford to lose. I’m putting way more into my Roth IRA, which is doing alright, but should be better long term. It just kills me knowing how much Bitcoin I would have if I put my Roth money into Bitcoin instead.

It’s so easy to look back at the what if’s. It’s hard to do the smart thing that will payout in the long run.

Also, I’m playing around with the new version of MarsEdit. Let’s see if it gets me blogging more like I always want to do.

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About Las Vegas

Another day, another mass shooting. The same shit repeats every time. Everything is so predictable now. I’ve come to the realization that Americans are okay with mass shootings. That maybe Americans like them. There is no simple solution, but you got to think to do something would be better than doing nothing. Our elected officials have no interest in changing anything, and as long as we keep voting them in. I don’t ever see anything changing.

It’s interesting watching people’s reactions in the hours after each shooting before the facts get out.

A co-worker thought it was a “left-wing” nut that hated country music. That made me think, has there ever been a left-wing shooter? I don’t remember any. I did a little research and there hasn’t been much left-wing terrorism since the 70s.

My Sister-in-law was convinced the guy converted to Islam.

People don’t want to be part of the group of the shooter. The guy can’t be a conservative to my conservative co-worker. The guy can’t be Christian to my Christian sister-in-law.

I haven’t read much about the shooter because I don’t really care. His actions speak for himself alone. It doesn’t matter if he is a liberal or conservative, Muslum or Christian.

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My Thoughts…

It’s been hard, but I’ve been trying to stay less political on social media lately. I’m sure everybody’s timelines are full of political posts like mine. You probably don’t need me adding to the clutter. For the most part that means that I’ve been rather quiet on social media lately. So I’ll just vent here instead, where nobody has to read it, because who blogs anymore?

Like every Sunday, I watched the NFL games this past weekend. I thought it was great how players were kneeling and standing united. Players on both sides of the issue supporting each other. Our country needs more of this.

Since when has kneeling been disrespectful anyway? I think it’s a reasonably peaceful way to bring awareness to some of the injustices going on in our country. It’s not meant as an insult to our military.

If you don’t agree with the kneeling, then don’t kneel and move on with your life. Allowing someone to use their constitutional rights isn’t going to hurt you.

Patriotism is almost like a religion. Everybody has their own ways to show their patriotism. Some are more private other more public. Kneeling or standing doesn’t really matter. It’s what’s in your head and your hart at that time. Are you thinking of the people that fought for our country, or are you thinking about buying your next beer? That’s what really matters.

I myself would probably stand, but I’m white. I can’t know what it’s like to be black. It’s not possible. I can only try to understand, listen, and support them. It really annoys me when a white person complains about BLM. You have no right to complain because you have no idea what their lives are like.

And FUCK the blues lives matter people. NOBODY is against the cops. I can only assume these people think all black people should be shot dead in the streets right? Fuck them.

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Weekend Camping and Concert

This past weekend we went to Grand Rocktember V, with a couple of friends. It was fun hanging with our friends without their kids for a change. They recently got a new camper, so I could see a few camping trips with them next year.

As for the concert, it was so-so. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of classic rock. Saturdays lineup was:

  • Iron Maidens
  • Bang Tango
  • Faster Pussycat
  • Scrap Metal
  • Great White
  • Warrant
  • Skid Row
  • Queensryche
  • Styx

The only bands I really knew were Warrant and Skid Row. They were both pretty good, but it was odd seeing them with different lead singers. We skipped the first three bands and the last two. None of us were fans of Queensryche and Styx, so we went for super instead.

It was a little different crowd than I am use to. Most concerts I feel like I’m the oldest one in the pit, and everybody is there for the music. There may be a bunch of pushing and shoving, but believe it or not, people are usually pretty courteous. This was obviously an older crowd. It’s seems like people were there more to get drunk than to watch the music. The people around us got so drunk and were ignoring the security guard by just standing in the isles. It didn’t really bother me, but everybody else was getting pissed. The worst was when someone yelled at a black women telling her to go back to her country. That caused a big fight. People were kicked out including her boyfriend who did nothing wrong. It’s just a shame how adults act. Also, too many Trump, and Kid Rock for Senate shirts for my liking.

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It’s Almost Here

It’s almost here! Tomorrow morning we are heading off to Wyoming for the eclipse. I’ve been planning this trip for at least five years. I was originally just going to drive down to Kansas for a day, but hotels booked up so fast. I should probably start getting mine booked for the next one in seven years. Luckily my Wife’s cousin lives in Wyoming right in the path. We are going to go hang with them for the weekend and watch the eclipse together on Monday. Then we are going to spend the rest of the week at the Tetons and Yellowstone.

It should be a fun week experiencing the beauty of a solar eclipse and the beauty of our national parks. It will be nice to mostly get away from the internet and the ugliness of our current political climate. I think my brain and heart need a vacation from all the hate.

Maybe I’ll tweet, maybe I’ll instagram. I don’t know. I tend to live in the moment when I’m on vacation and ignore social media. I am hoping to find some Pokémon Go players in Yellowstone to help take down some raids, but we’ll see.

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Cloud Backups

I have data on every cloud storage site you can imagine, but to use any of them to back up ALL my data is just too damn expensive.

I had everything on OneDrive and was paying for an Office 365 account back with it came with unlimited data. Then they quit the unlimited data plan, so I canceled my subscription. Then Amazon offered an unlimited plan option, so I uploaded everything there. After they quit their unlimited data plan I gave up finding an online backup for my data. I’ve been taking hard drives to work for my off site backup. While cheaper, it’s kind of a pain in the ass.

A couple weeks ago SpiderOak opened up an unlimited plan for $150 a year, but signups were limited to a couple weeks. I’ve always been a fan of SpiderOak because of their security. $150 is only $12.50 a month. That’s a pretty good deal for unlimited storage, so I signed up. Hopefully they don’t change their mind on the unlimited storage.

Back when I first uploaded all my data to OneDrive it took me six month. Now with faster internet and more data, it’s probably only going to take me four weeks to get everything up to SpiderOak. Faster internet is so great.

SpiderOak also has a nice iOS app. It’ll be my new Dropbox once my backups are done. It’s just a nice piece of mind knowing all my backups are encrypted and safe online.

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