Last Drive Home

it’s currently 11:00 am. I just woke up from a short little nap after getting home from work at 6:00 this morning. I’m about to head out to my Mom’s house for the last time. Today we are closing on the sale of the house.

It wasn’t the house a grew up in. My Mom moved several times after I moved out. We actually moved many times as kids. There are five houses that I grew up in. Each one was sad to leave behind. It’s just the end of a chapter in my life, and a beginning of a new one. It’s going to be sad to leave my Mom’s house for the last time, but at the same time feels good to move on and have a little closure too.

Tomorrow we are having some good friends over for a BBQ and beers. Should be a fun time, and the start of the next chapter in my life. I’m excited for what it will bring, but bummed that I can’t share it with my Mom.

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29′s too young

So yesterday on Facebook I learned that one of my classmates passed away ten years ago. Crazy I didn’t hear about it until now, but we didn’t really have Facebook ten years ago I guess.

He was known to everybody as Dude. Most teachers even called him Dude. It was always funny the first day of school when teachers ask what name students want to go by. Many teachers were reluctant to call him Dude. Dude was always Dude to everybody. Eventually the teachers understood, but at first many refused to call him Dude. Yesterday when I looked up his obituary, was actually the first time I learned of his real first name.

I wasn’t close to him, but he was a great guy. He was always super nice to everybody. He wasn’t the best student though. I remember him working his ass off towards the end of our senior year just to graduate. I’ll always remember how upset he was when the counselor recommended that he didn’t go to college.

His obituary didn’t mention cause of death, but at 29, I’m thinking it was either suicide or drug overdose. I leaning toward suicide. So sad to see him go so young.

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