What’s been going on…

Life has been crazy of late. I’ve barely had any internet time. Here is what I have been up to:

Two weeks ago we got my Mother-in-Law moved out of her house. She is now currently living with us until she finds a place here in Fargo. Hopefully it doesn’t take her that long. I don’t mind her too much, but it’s a little annoying having her around all the time and having to always wear pants.

Last weekend was my Fantasy Football draft. I hate when people go on and on about their teams, so I won’t bore you with that. I think it’s pretty crazy that my league is in it’s 21st season.

We’ve been having problems with something eating our tomatoes in our garden recently. Over the weekend we figured out it was slugs. I read online that little cups of beer attracts and traps slugs. This was after the first night.
Slug trap
So there is a use for Milwaukee’s Best. It’s cheap and pretty much undrinkable, but great for catching slugs. I ended up with 7 cups with 8 to 10 slugs in each one.

Today is the first day of a little vacation for me. Tomorrow we are heading to the cities to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum and then Thursday is the Minnesota State Fair and we are seeing Fall Out Boy with Paramore. Should be a fun week.

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Last Drive Home

it’s currently 11:00 am. I just woke up from a short little nap after getting home from work at 6:00 this morning. I’m about to head out to my Mom’s house for the last time. Today we are closing on the sale of the house.

It wasn’t the house a grew up in. My Mom moved several times after I moved out. We actually moved many times as kids. There are five houses that I grew up in. Each one was sad to leave behind. It’s just the end of a chapter in my life, and a beginning of a new one. It’s going to be sad to leave my Mom’s house for the last time, but at the same time feels good to move on and have a little closure too.

Tomorrow we are having some good friends over for a BBQ and beers. Should be a fun time, and the start of the next chapter in my life. I’m excited for what it will bring, but bummed that I can’t share it with my Mom.

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