My New Toy

I don’t even think I mentioned my new toy I got last week. Last week we got a Xbox 360. Yesterday I got a copy of Madden 07 from eBay. I think I am going to eBay all my games. Way cheaper, and who cares if they are used. I don’t have any friends that have Xboxes, so I don’t have many friends on Xbox Live. I did add Jenn Cutter from OpenAlpha as a friend. Over the weekend I actually got to chat with her. I felt stupid and didn’t have much to say, but it was cool to talk to her anyways. I would give out my gamertag, but I don’t think any of my readers have a Xbox 360.

Today I updated all my feeds for my video podcasts to download the wmv versions. I am not a fan of wmv, but that is the only file type the 360 plays. Now I can watch my video podcast on my TV with the 360. I see a lot of potential in the Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s cool to be able to download little games, but now you can download movies and TV shows. I haven’t head about all the features in Apples new Apple TV, but the 360 can probable do most of them and play games.

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