Super Bowl Sunday

So tomorrow is the Super Bowl. For some it’s just another crappy football game, while others will watch it just for the commercials. Me, I love the game. I am a huge NFL fan. I watch every game possible. Super Bowl Sunday is a pretty big deal for me. I have only missed one Super Bowl since 1983, and I pretty much remember all of them. I was scheduled to work tomorrow, but took it off to watch the game.

I have only been to one Super Bowl Party in my life, and it sucked. Everybody getting drunk, and making a bunch of noise. It was hard to watch the game. A lot of people just use the Super Bowl as an excuse to party. I still make the usual Super Bowl Party foods, but I like to enjoy the game by myself. For me the Super Bowl reminds me of my childhood.

I remember getting all excited for the Super Bowl in elementary school. I was so excited when my favorite team, the Denver Broncos made it there in 1986, 1987, and 1989. I was crushed at the results of those games. It made their Super Bowl wins in 1997, and 1998 that much bigger.

There is so much history in the Super Bowl. Many great games, many crappy games, but all historic. I love reading and watch shows about the history of the NFL. That’s one reason why I like the Super Bowl so much. It’s history being made.

Even when I don’t care much about the teams that are playing, I enjoy watching the game. It’s every kids dream to play in the Super Bowl. Those big kids out there are just living their dream.

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