People really think Astrology is scientific?

Today on the interwebs I ran across this link. It shows how key getting an education is. It’s hard to believe that 54% of people without a high school diploma actually believe Astrology is scientific? Really?

Believing in Astrology might not be the worst thing to believe in, but it does lead to magical thinking and I’m willing to bet that believers of Astrology also believe in other things that could be harmful. is a great site that shows the harm, and dangers there are in believing in nonsensical things.

Every day on Twitter I see otherwise smart people wasting money on nonsense. Whether it’s Astrology, acupuncture, detoxification, or just buying organic food, or falling for the “all natural” fallacy. For the most part they are just wasting money, but there are some added risks, except for organic food, that’s just a waste of money. Often I want to speak up to the people wasting their money, but who am I? Why would anybody listen to me?

Maybe some day people will wise up to all the snake oil salesmen out there, but I doubt it. As long as there is snake oil to sell, there will be people buying.

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