Feeling the Feels

Last night was Motion City Soundtracks final show. I so wish I could have made it. The logistics of getting to Chicago, and the fact that it sold out in a second, made it not possible for me to be there. I’m just going to have to live it through YouTube. Here is the final song, of the final show, of their final tour. So long, Farewell.

The name of their final tour was the “So Long Farewell Tour”. It’s the title of a bonus track off their My Dinosaur Life album. They played it during our VIP acoustic show. It was one of my best/saddest concert experiences.

They also have a song called “Don’t Call it A Comeback” on their first album. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday we will have a “Don’t call it a comeback tour”. Until then, I have six wonderful albums, and some amazing memories of seeing my favorite band fourteen times.

Thanks for the amazing music and being the coolest dudes Justin, Josh, Jesse, Matt, and Tony. You’ll always be my favorite one.

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