Bah Humbug

So another Christmas is done. I’m not a fan of Christmas, and it’s not because I’m an Atheist either. I just feel uncomfortable with the whole gift giving and mass consumerism. We all have more crap than we need. I hate getting more crap or buying more crap for someones else. I worked this Christmas, and was glad I did. It helps me forget about it a bit, and the extra money is nice too.

Christmas was my Mom’s favorite time of year. The fact that she died on December 20th probable doesn’t help me like Christmas any better either. Cleaning out a parents house when it’s all decorated for Christmas is a horrible thing to do. Finding a new home for all of the decorations that I remember as a child was tough. 

I do have some great memories of past Christmases as a child. When my Grandma died our Christmas traditions changed, and now that my Mom is gone—we have no traditions as all. It’s sad, but it’s all over for another year and I’m glad.

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