Hello, Mace here. Welcome to my little space in the interwebs. I’ve been blogging since shortly after I got broadband internet which was August of 2000. In the early days I bounced around between different services, sometime I brought along my archives, and other times I just started fresh. The last time I started fresh was April Fools day of 2006, so that’s all the further my archives go back. Sometimes I wish I could go back and see what I was blogging about back in 2000, other times I am glad I can’t.

My love of technology began at an early age. I remember the day when I was in 2nd grade back in 1982 when my Mom picked me up from the babysitters and had a surprise gift for me. It was an Atari 2600. I fell in love. I could play video games at home without begging for quarters from my parents. I was in heaven. During the summers of ’84 & ’85 I voluntarily took summer computer classes just so I could learn and play around on computers. We didn’t get a family computer until 1994, so every chance I could get to use a computer at school I took advantage of it. Sadly my high school had crap for computer classes. They just had a couple of classes teaching BASIC, which was basically the same stuff I learned during my summer school sessions.

1994 was another big year in my technology love. I was in college going for a computer science major, and we finally got our first family computer. I never got my computer science major. I got burned out of school. It was before the web really took off, so I was learning to program in COBOL and it really bored me, so I dropped out. November 28th, 1994 was the first day I logged onto the internet. The web was around but barely. I was on Prodigy for a while, and then went to AOL. They were about the only two ISP available in our small town back then. I was on AOL before AOL had the web. I was having a good old time with email, usenet, and AOL’s walled garden of content. It was a big deal when the web came to AOL. I saw the future right away. The only problems were the lack of sites, and dial-up speeds being too damn slow, but I knew the web was going to be huge.

Like almost everybody else my age, I cut my teeth learning HTML creating a website on GeoCities. It was the coolest thing having my very own website with MIDI music and animated gifs galore. In 2000 my cable company started offering broadband, and I signed up in July. It was another huge milestone. The internet just became much more useful. I started blogging on Blogger that August, and like I said, I bounced around and used about every blogging service you could think of, but have been on WordPress since probably 2004 or so.

As for the meaning of my domain name, tinkr.net is kind of a play on the word internet. It’s my spot on the internet where I tinker around. It’s my tinkrnet.

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