Links of interest for 2-26-11

I’ve been blogging since August of 2000. I remember it because that was when I first got broadband, and the internet was finally fast enough to enjoy it. I have never really taken blogging all that serious. Most of my archives are long lost, and I don’t really care who reads this.

I mainly blog because I like to have my own place on the internet to call home, and I like to share things that I find cool and interesting on the internet. Sometimes when I find something cool and have a comment about it I will blog it, but most of the time I just post it over there —> in my sidebar. If you are reading this in your RSS reader, you probably aren’t getting my links unless you are also subscribed to my links RSS feed. So now I am going to try and post a recap of the weeks links every Saturday. I’m pretty bad at keeping things like this going, but we will see how it works. Here is the past week’s links: