Albums From My Teen Years #1

Last Monday I blogged about my 18 favorite albums from my teen years. I’m going to revisit each album every Monday to help get my mind off of politics, and help be remember better times.

I’m starting with a big one, Nirvana’s Nevermind. I’m listening to it now for the first time in years. It’s so good. This album totally changed my taste in music. Before Nevermind I was listening to a few hair metal bands like Warrant and Poison, and a lot of rap like Run-DMC and Public Enemy. Nirvana was my gateway band to the lesser known bands in the indie and punk scene.

I still remember the first time I heard a Nirvana song. It was my sophomore year of high school. We were having some sort of talent show. I don’t remember exactly what for, but a few of my classmate played air guitar to “Territorial Pissings”. It was amazing, but most people didn’t understand, so they lost. That evening I went and bought Nevermind on cassette. Shortly after that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” blew up on MTV and the rest is history.

New Drobo

A couple weeks ago I found a great deal on a used Drobo on Amazon. I got it for $350, when they normal go for $500 or so new. I also had a $250 in gift cards, so it only costed me $100. It was the Drobo 5N because I believe networked attached is the way to go. It was the main reason I stayed away from Drobos when they first came out. It took them a little bit to release network attached versions.

I bought two 4 TB drives, which after the redundancy, gives me 3.5 TBs of backup. With three open drive bays, my backup needs should be covered for years to come.

I still have my Synology NAS, and in most ways, it’s probably better than a Drobo. Synology has tons a great software that it can run, the Drobo is pretty limited. My Synology is only a 2 drive bay version, and it was running low on space, so I needed to do something. So now I have the best of both worlds. I has access to all the Synology servers and apps, and still have massive storage available on my Drobo.

Even though both the Drobo and Synology run raid arrays and if one drive fails, I just have to put in a new drive and I’m good to go, all my data is safe; they still need to be backed up. If I ever have a fire, or some kind of hardware fail on either system, I could lose data. In the past I’ve been backing everything to the cloud on Amazon Drive, but it costs $60 a year, and in 2017 I’m going to try to limit some of my online spending. So now I’m using Carbon Copy Cloner to backup my Synology and Drobo and I’m storing the backup drives at work. It’s a little bit more work, but I’m saving $60 a year.

Goodbye Google Reader

So Google has announced that they are shutting down Google Reader in July. We will see if that really happens after the huge backlash of complaints. I love Google Reader and live in it all day long, either in my browser, or via an app on my mobile devices. It’s a service that I would totally pay for. That being said, Google’s monopoly on feed readers has really caused Google Reader to be quite stagnate. I don’t remember the last useful feature added to Reader.

Maybe it’s true that less and less people are using RSS, but I still think lots of people are still using it. Some people are replacing feed readers with Twitter and Flipboard. While I love Twitter and Flipboard, I don’t think they could ever replace my feed reader. I’m too OCD and worried about missing something. I never miss anything with feed readers.

If Google does shut down reader I will be lost for a while, but I’m sure a good replacement will surface. Someone just needs to write a nice online feed reader that’s clean, has plenty of sharing options, and syncs with current iOS app and I’m sold.

I’ve been reading my RSS feeds long before Google Reader, and will continue long after. RSS is not dead. I remember when I first started reading RSS feeds. I started reading them on a desktop app. I don’t even remember which one it was, but I went through a couple different ones. I was actually reluctant to switch to an online reader at first. I didn’t want to be dependent on a website. Now I couldn’t imagine not using an online feed reader. I learned to love NewsGator. Then eventually switched to Bloglines, and then to Google Reader. What’s next?

While I’m bummed to see Google Reader go, but I’m excited to see what the future of RSS readers has in store. Is there even a current competitor to Google Reader? If so let me know. I’m sure the code monkeys are already at work to have many competitor before July.


I was just playing around with yearbookyourself and this one totally looks like I did in high school except for the hair color.

Picture 1.png

Mullets were cool. Honest. My hair always had to be long enough to stick out the back of my football helmet.

What the hell were we thinking?

First of May

So when I hear that it’s the first of May the first thing that comes to mind in the Jonathan Coulton song. I wish I lived closer to Minneapolis. He is performing at the Varsity Theater tonight. How cool would it be to hear JoCo sing “First of May” on the first of May?

If you have no idea what song I am talking about check it out here. Just so you know, it’s a little NSFW.

He is giving it away on his site, so I am sure it’s fine if I gave it away. If you like it check out his other stuff. I bought it all, and it’s good stuff.

Motion City Soundtrack Acoustic EP

motion-city-soundtrack.pngSo if you are regular reader of my blog you know who the best fucking band in the world is right? Well, next Tuesday they are releasing a little 5 song acoustic EP on iTunes. I don’t know if it’s only going to be on iTunes or if it’s going to contain DRM or not, but I will be getting it. You can check out one of the songs over at Next month I will be seeing them for the sixth time. I can’t wait.


Thanks to Salena I now know when to expect my “economic stimulus” check from the government. I will be getting a paper check around June 20th. It doesn’t really matter to me when I get it. The money is going right into our savings account. We are trying to build it up again after the house purchase put a big dip in it last summer. I love having a big chunk of money in my savings account. I just feel more comfortable knowing that I have enough money in savings that I could miss several months of work and not have to worry. Currently we could probably go three months without any income. I would like to at least double that this year.

Next Step

So it’s been a busy week. It’s been reasonable nice out so I have been busy doing outside house stuff. We got an estimate on a fence. Sometime in May we should be getting our backyard fenced in. It will be nice to be able to let the dog and not have to keep an eye on her.

We also had another thing going on this week. We had a two day adoption workshop. I tend not to blog too much about my personal life. I might start opening up a little more. We have been trying to have kids for some time now. The doctors can’t find a problem, it just isn’t happening. We have been talking about adopting for a while. In January we went in to start things rolling. It’s a long process to adopt a child. At first I wasn’t sure if I was up for it. I have always admired people who adopt, but I never thought I could be one of them. After attending this workshop I can see myself doing it.

We learned a lot about how adoptions work this week. There are a lot of misconceptions about adoption. In the past it was kind of kept a secret from the child. Then when the child learns that they were adopted it’s been hard for them to find their birth parents. Now days adoptions are more open. The birth parents actually chose who they want adopting their child. There are varying degrees of openness depending on the comfort level of the families, but the child grows up knowing who their birth parents are. Sometimes the birth parents get to see their child a couple times a year. Sometimes it’s just pictures and letters, but it’s all to benefit the child. Everything is geared toward the child.

Adoption is a great thing. I am actually kind of excited about it now. The next step is a bunch of paperwork. I am not to excited about that.


So I have been sick the last couple days, and really haven’t been in the mood to blog, but I had to blog about this. Weezer has leaked the first song off of their new album which is coming out June 24th. It will be Weezer’s third self titles album. This one will be known as “The Red Album”.

You can hear their first single titled “Pork and Beans” here.

I so can’t wait for this album. Weezer is one of my all time favorite band, and I have seen them in concert five times.

The Beeps, the Sweeps and the Creeps

Last night the wife got free tickets to see Michael Winslow. If you don’t know who he is, he is the guy that makes all those noises in Police Academy. I know him from one of my favorite movies Spaceballs. He was pretty funny, but I thought his opening comedian was funnier. He still put on a great show. It was amazing the noises he could make. That was something to see. At one point hs sat back and played a clip from Star Wars and suplied all the voices and sound effects. It was pretty funny and amazing.

TV is Dying

I watch very little TV. Most TV shows bore me. I am watching more and more online video. I love most of the shows on Revision3. They have a new show called Scam School that is pretty cool. Brian Brushwood is the host. He is a magician, and each show he shows cool tricks to play on your friends to get them to buy you free drinks. He recently did an interview with Drew Domkus from the Dawn and Drew Show on his N3rd Moment show. During the interview Brian said he was trying to get his show on a TV network, but they didn’t get it. They wanted him to comb his hair, put on a sweater, and tame it down.

TV always seems to dumb things down. They have to make shows that suit a wide range of viewers. The Internet is great because you can make a niche show just about anything and if it is good and entertaining, you can get an even bigger audience that if it was on TV. Once advertisers realized that people are really watching online video and are really passionate about them and actually see their commercials, rather then their commercials being just background noise on TV, I believe online TV will explode even more and it wont be just geeks watching it.

One show that I hope makes it to TV is Skeptologists. It has a great cast including Phil Plait, Brian Dunning, Kirsten Sanford, Michael Shermer, and Yau-Man Chu of Survivor fame. If they can’t get it on TV I hope they will do in on the Internet.

April Showers

So it looked like spring was about to get here. The snow was almost completely melted out of our yard. We were making plans for spring. I was going to call some fencing companies today to get estimates on getting out backyard fenced it. I guess I wont be doing that for a couple weeks now. We got a little “April Shower” yesterday. Six inches of “April Showers”.

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone at work. You can’t really see the snow coming down, but it was coming down like crazy.

Spring ShowerSpring Shower

I shoveled last night when I got home from work. It was some heavy ass snow, full of water. Today I got up and we had some more, but it was really frozen. The sidewalk and driveway are a mess now. I am not even going to bother trying to get the ice off. One of these days it should warm up enough to melt it.