Lost house

So I haven’t blogged much about our new house because I didn’t want to jinx it. I guess that didn’t matter. The people that were buying our current house backed out if the deal so we are going to have to back out of our new house too. It sucks, I was so ready to move. At least we get $500 from the people that were planning on buying our house.

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Save my house

Sure Dustin Diamond probably didn’t make a ton of money playing Screech, but I am sure he did already. Sure it’s probably hard for him to get another acting gig when everybody knows him as just “Screech”. I find it kinda sleazy that he is asking people to buy t-shirts so he can stay in his house. Come on man, get a real job like the rest of us if you can’t afford your house.

**update** So “Screech” lives in Port Washington, WI. I just checked out where that is and it isn’t far from Wayne, WI, home of Dawn and Drew. Dawn and Drew should seriously have him on their show.

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Weird stuff

So my scroll wheel quit working on my Mac a week ago. I don’t know what went wrong, but it was driving me crazy. Well, today I finally did a Google search to find out what my problem might be and lo and behold, it’s working now. I wish all my problems could be fixed that easily.

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Go Go GoDaddy

I just renewed a couple of domains at GoDaddy. Is it just me, or is GoDaddy’s website confusing? I don’t know how many time it took me to renew, but it should be a little more user friendly.

So I am thinking about switching themes again. I can’t decide on two columns or three. I have come to the conclusion that three works good if you are going to have ads. Since I am not planning on having ads, I think I might go back to two columns and throw in a little of my favorite color orange. But then again maybe not. If you see a change you know why.

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Yeah, I am still here

I had all sorts of stuff to blog about this weekend, but every time I went to blog, my site was down. My host said everything was working though. I didn’t like that kind of “working”, so now I am on a new host. This host seems better. CPanel even seems faster.

So what happened this weekend?

Well, we sold our current home and bought a new house. We move at the end of July. I so can’t wait til it’s all done. I would blog more about it, but I gotta run now.

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Motion City

So one of my current favorite bands is Motion City Soundtrack. They are basically our home town band being from Minneapolis. I have seen them three times and can’t wait to get a chance to see them again. Their last album, “Commit this to Memory” came out last year and totally rocks. If you don’t have it yet what is wrong with you? Don’t go out and buy it now though. Wait until the 20th. They are coming out with a Deluxe Edition version with a DVD too. It kinda sucks that I have to buy the CD again, but the DVD should be awesome. You can check out a clip from their DVD here. Link

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Not dead yet

I am not dead. In fact there were all sorts of things I was going to blog about this weekend, but for some strange reason I couldn’t access any website on my server all weekend. It sucked, I was going to do all sorts of stuff, and now I can’t because I have to go to work. Oh, well.

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Breaking a bad habit

I am trying to break one of my bad habits. I have been a nail biter for as long as I can remember. In fact I can’t remember the last time I cut my nail with a fingernail clipper. They are driving me crazy now. They seem too long, yet they are still pretty short. It feels weird as I type and yesterday I got dirt under my nails planting tomato plants. I don’t ever remember getting dirt under my nails. They were always to short. Wish me luck.

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In a music video

So at the last concert we went to in the cities Hawthorne Heights recorded a video. It was pretty cool watching them record the video. I did see camera men in the lobby of the Xcel Energy Center before the concert, but didn’t know what there were there for. It’s pretty cool watching a video knowing you were there. Sadly my ugly mug isn’t in the video. You can check it out here if you wanna see it.

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What I did today

Well, I got my new DVD-Rs to work. I had to flash my drives firmware with a hacked version, but it is working now. Now my wireless router took a shit. I was on the phone with D-Link for about an hour trying to get it to work. They finally agreed that it took a dump and gave me a RMA number. So hopefully I should have a new router by this weekend. I am glad I kept my old router though. It would be a pain in the ass to only have internet on one of my computers for a week.

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Ghost hunters

I don’t believe in ghosts. My wife does. She is always trying to get me to believe in ghosts. She is hook on Ghost Hunters on the SciFi network. I think that show is a fake although I haven’t really watched it much. One of the places we visited on Vacation was an old civil war hospital. It is supposedly the 8th most “haunted” place in the US. So of course my wife was taking pictures like crazy trying to catch an “orb”. Well, she thinks she got one. I think it’s just a strange light reflection. You be the judge.

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Back from vacation

Well, I am back from vacation. We had a great time and it actually felt good to be unplugged for a week. Now I got a ton of catching up to do. I will post more about the vacation later.

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The Action Design

So if you were reading my blog back before my hiatus you know that I am a huge Tsunami Bomb fan. It’s sad that Tsunami Bomb is no more, but M’s new band The Action Design is sounding pretty good. They are in the process of making their first album. I have been keeping up with them on their MySpace page. They just posted a new song and it sounds good. I so can’t wait for their album to come out.
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How much are you worth?

So over at Leapfish you can find out how much your domain is worth. I am not sure how accurate it is, but it is saying I could get $17,000 for tinkr.net. I wish. I would sell it in a second for $5000. So for $5000 tinkr.net could be yours and a new MacBook will be mine.

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MacBook plan

So I was thinking. If each one of my readers send me $500 I could get myself a new MacBook. Just $500 and you can help a buddy out. That’s only like 100 coffees or two tanks of gas. Quit drinking coffee and start riding your bike then send your money to mace so he can sit on his ass with another computer.

 Sound like a deal? No? Oh well, it sounded good to me.

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Nothing it working right today. The new DVD-Rs aren’t working in our DVD players, my router keeps locking up, and I have to work tonight. I need a vacation…oh wait, I am leaving for vacation on Friday. I can’t wait.

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