Maybe it’s the geek in me, but I just spent an hour at this site reading all about the different elements. And how cool is that Periodic Table with all the samples in it?

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Having a hard time finding a good domain name? Think all the good ones are taken? I think there are some good ones out there, but with GoDaddy’s rock bottom prices I think they are going fast. Want to get your name? Chances are it’s gone already. I knew I should have bought my last name back in the day, but I didn’t feel like spending $35 on something I wasn’t sure I needed. Want a sort domain name? All the three letter ones are gone and there are few four letter ones left. Here is a nice article with all kinds of stats about domain names. Link (via boingboing and waxy)

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Digging brains

I love the feeling of digging in my ears, but I am always afraid that I am going to dig to deep. I need one of these. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting brain, and I would have clean ears.

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Catch up weekend

I didn’t do much this weekend, but I did get caught up on all my stuff. Tivo is empty, vidcasts all watch, and podcasts were all listened to. It’s the first time that I have been totally caught up with everything in months. A few podcasts just came in so I wasn’t caught up for long, but it was nice.

Since I was caught up I had a chance to play with some cool new ajax sites. I played around with 30 Boxes quite a bit. It is a super cool calendaring site. I so want to use it, but I really don’t need it. My life isn’t that complicated.

The other two sites I played around with are ajaxWrite and ajaxSketch. AjaxWrite is a cool online word processor and ajaxSketch is a online paint program. I love all the new ajax sites that are popping up. So much cool stuff, but so little time to play with them all. Now I think I am going to listen to TWiT before I go to bed.

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Back in the saddle

I am back. The break from blogging was very helpful. I just wasn’t into it and needed a break. I have been kinda missing it lately though and what better day to start then April 1st. I wiped everything out and am starting completely fresh. I am loving the newest version of WordPress too.

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