Cheap coffee

So last weekend the wife went garage saleing. She got some good deals. She picked up a Coffee/Espresso/Cappuccino Machine for $1. It was missing a few parts so I ordered them for around $20. So for under $25 we got a kick ass Coffee Machine that I have seen online for over $150. So far I have had three cappuccinos today. They are so good and only getting better with practice.


Ok, I had to do it.

Speaking of Second Life. Hanging out outside of Adam Curry’s Castle is pretty cool. I have met a lot of cool people, podcasters, and internet celebrities in SL. The other day I ran into Eric Rice and Robert Scoble. I also met podcasters Victor Cajiao and Airdrie from Lipgloss and Laptops. Airdrie even mentioned me on her podcast. It’s more of a girly podcast, but it was still cool to hear my name mentioned. Oh, and my name mace isn’t from Star Wars, it is just a nick name that is short for my real name.


So it’s been dead around here lately. I haven’t been doing much. Just working in real life and playing in Second Life. It will be ever quieter in a week. We are going on vacation in Virgina. We are leaving next Friday. I should be fun. We don’t have any plays. We are just playing it by ear. Should be a good time.


So, David Copperfield was pretty cool last night, and guess what? I got picked to go on stage. We had pretty good seats. We were in the 20th row or so. Just sitting there waiting for the show to start and this guys walks up to me and said he works for David and wants to know if I want to help out with a trick. I said sure, what the hell. I was a little nervous, but when the hell am I ever going to get the chance to be on stage with David freakin’ Copperfield. So they moved us to seats in the 4th row, and took me back stage and showed me what I had to do. I just basically had to hold a bucket and David pulled a duck out of it. Not a big deal, but pretty fucking cool.

I’m not dead yet

My blog was down most of the day. My host was experiencing a DOS attack. I didn’t have much to blog about today anyways. I spent most of the day in Second Life. If you wanna look for me in Second Life my name is Mace Blabbermouth.

Well, Gotta get ready to go out. We are seeing David Copperfield tonight. Should be a good time.

Hocus Pocus

Ever since I was a little kid I enjoyed magic. When I was a kid I was always performing magic tricks for friends and family. I thought they were cool, but they probably sucked. I try to go to every magic show I can. They don’t come around to often. One of the few reason I would want to go to Vegas would be to see Penn & Teller. Well, tomorrow David Copperfield is coming to Fargo. We bought the $55 floor tickets. A little spendy. We could have gotten $28 bleacher seats, but we figured this would probably be our only chance to see him so we went all out. It should be a good show. This will be the first time seeing a big name magician.

Bring the Noise

Back in the my high school days I loved the Anthrax album Attack of the Killer B’s. I was never a huge Anthrax fan, but I loved that album. We would mosh to “Startin’ up a Posse” and “Bring The Noise” before football games. “Bring the Noise” was probably one of the first rap/rock songs. It was Anthrax with Public Enemy. Back then I wanted to hear more of that type of music, but none of it was around. By the time rap/rock stuff finally came out it was all the lame Limp Bizkit crap. I still love to listen to “Bring the Noise” every now and then. Here is a slow folk rock version that kicks ass, but kicks it a little slower.

You know, I really need to get Attack of the Killer B’s on CD. I don’t even know if I have a cassette player around here to play my old tape.

Link (via Boingboing)

Why is everybody laughing at me

So a little bit about yesterday’s post. Wednesday at work a few coworkers were talking about surgeries and getting epidurals. I got woozy and fainted. I fell flat on my face. I got a nasty rug burn on the site of my face and I think I got a minor concussion. I was in a fog the whole day yesterday and had the worst headache ever. I am feeling much better today, but my face is quite a bit uglier than usual.

90s Back

So last week I heard the the Smashing Pumpkins are going to be recording a new album. I have herd that Pearl Jam’s new album that come out on the 2nd is better than their last few have been. I am also liking the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ stuff and their album is coming out on the 9th. Are the 90s coming back?

**Update** Ok, now Alice in Chains are going on tour. What next?

**Another Update** Now it looks like both the Lemonheads and Meat Puppets are working on albums.

NFL Draft

So the NFL draft is coming up this weekend. I plan to be sitting in front of the TV and watching the whole thing. A lot of people find the NFL draft boring. I love it. Watching kids dreams come true. Every kid who has ever played high school football dreams of his name being called out on draft day. Teams think they know how good players are going to be, but it’s really just a crap shot. It’s fun to look back at past drafts and see all the good and bad picks. Here is a nice list of current NFL players that weren’t even drafted. A lot of good players out there that weren’t suppose to be any good.


About the only food that I don’t like is coconut. Well, today at work someone had some Carmel deLight Girl Scout cookies there. I thought what the hell and I ate a few. They weren’t to bad. Maybe I like coconut now. I have always tried eating things I don’t like to see if I still don’t like them. I use to hate coleslaw and radishes. I kept trying them and never liked them, but now I do like them. If I like coconut now that means I can’t think of one food that I don’t like. I think I am the most unpicky person in the world. So, next time you come across a food you don’t like, try it, maybe you will like it.


I am really liking the new Punchline CD. I saw Punchline in concert and loved them. I bought their first CD from the lead singer outside of the show. Well, last week their new CD 37 Everywhere came out. It is hawsome. Remember three years ago when I was saying how good Fall Out Boy was? Well, Punchline is just as good. We all know how big Fall Out Boy got. Is Punchline going to get as big? Who knows, but they are an awesome band and you should check them out.

FireFox search tip

Do you wish you could search any site from an open browser? I found a cool feature in FireFox that lets you do just that. Here is how:

  1. Go to a site that you search a lot like IMDB, Amazon, or Wikipedia.
  2. Right click on the search box and select “Add a keyword for this search”.
  3. Then pick a name and a keyword for the search.
  4. Now whenever you want to search that site all you have to do it type the keyword followed by your search term in the address bar.

I have been using this a lot this week. When I wanna search Amazon I just type “a” followed by the search term, Wikipedia, “w” followed by search term. It’s simple and easy and I don’t think many people know about it.