About the only food that I don’t like is coconut. Well, today at work someone had some Carmel deLight Girl Scout cookies there. I thought what the hell and I ate a few. They weren’t to bad. Maybe I like coconut now. I have always tried eating things I don’t like to see if I still don’t like them. I use to hate coleslaw and radishes. I kept trying them and never liked them, but now I do like them. If I like coconut now that means I can’t think of one food that I don’t like. I think I am the most unpicky person in the world. So, next time you come across a food you don’t like, try it, maybe you will like it.


I am really liking the new Punchline CD. I saw Punchline in concert and loved them. I bought their first CD from the lead singer outside of the show. Well, last week their new CD 37 Everywhere came out. It is hawsome. Remember three years ago when I was saying how good Fall Out Boy was? Well, Punchline is just as good. We all know how big Fall Out Boy got. Is Punchline going to get as big? Who knows, but they are an awesome band and you should check them out.

FireFox search tip

Do you wish you could search any site from an open browser? I found a cool feature in FireFox that lets you do just that. Here is how:

  1. Go to a site that you search a lot like IMDB, Amazon, or Wikipedia.
  2. Right click on the search box and select “Add a keyword for this search”.
  3. Then pick a name and a keyword for the search.
  4. Now whenever you want to search that site all you have to do it type the keyword followed by your search term in the address bar.

I have been using this a lot this week. When I wanna search Amazon I just type “a” followed by the search term, Wikipedia, “w” followed by search term. It’s simple and easy and I don’t think many people know about it.


Man it was a crazy weekend. I ate way to much ham, turkey, and lamb. It was a long ass day at work today. I am to tired to post anything worthwhile. I’m going to bed early tonight.

Oh yeah, I have a zit in the worst possible place…on my nut sack!

Good/Bad Friday

The good…

I will gone all weekend. Going to the Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects & Hawthorne Heights concert Friday, and hanging out with friends and family the rest of the weekend.
The Bad…

I just mailed out checks for 0ver $900 for our taxes.

Spring is here

Man it was nice out today. Last time I checked it got up to 72ยบ. We spent most of the afternoon outside. The snow is now officially out of our yard. We got all our outside stuff set up. Tomorrow we will be cranking up the grill. Mmmm, steaks on the grill. I can smell them already.

Add artwork to MP3s

Since a got my new iPod with video a while back I have been slowing adding the artwork for all my 12,000 songs. It has taken me some time and was slow going. Corripio is a nice little program that I found today that made it easy and I finished them up real quick. It grabs the artwork from iTunes and then adds it to the mp3s. It’s only for the Mac, but if you are looking to add artwork to your mp3s, this is the way to do it.


Maybe it’s the geek in me, but I just spent an hour at this site reading all about the different elements. And how cool is that Periodic Table with all the samples in it?

Having a hard time finding a good domain name? Think all the good ones are taken? I think there are some good ones out there, but with GoDaddy’s rock bottom prices I think they are going fast. Want to get your name? Chances are it’s gone already. I knew I should have bought my last name back in the day, but I didn’t feel like spending $35 on something I wasn’t sure I needed. Want a sort domain name? All the three letter ones are gone and there are few four letter ones left. Here is a nice article with all kinds of stats about domain names. Link (via boingboing and waxy)

Digging brains

I love the feeling of digging in my ears, but I am always afraid that I am going to dig to deep. I need one of these. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting brain, and I would have clean ears.

Catch up weekend

I didn’t do much this weekend, but I did get caught up on all my stuff. Tivo is empty, vidcasts all watch, and podcasts were all listened to. It’s the first time that I have been totally caught up with everything in months. A few podcasts just came in so I wasn’t caught up for long, but it was nice.

Since I was caught up I had a chance to play with some cool new ajax sites. I played around with 30 Boxes quite a bit. It is a super cool calendaring site. I so want to use it, but I really don’t need it. My life isn’t that complicated.

The other two sites I played around with are ajaxWrite and ajaxSketch. AjaxWrite is a cool online word processor and ajaxSketch is a online paint program. I love all the new ajax sites that are popping up. So much cool stuff, but so little time to play with them all. Now I think I am going to listen to TWiT before I go to bed.