I’m all for the “pink Slime”

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet lately you probably have heard people in an uproar about “pink slime”, and it being added to our foods. You have more than likely seen this picture.

Not Pink Slime

I have seen this picture many times. Sometimes they call it beef, other times it chicken, but I doubt it’s either. I’ve done a little research, and couldn’t find the source of this picture. Just the fact that they are putting it in an unlined box make me think that it’s not even a food product. I also doubt beef or chicken would hold together in that shape.

The “pink slime” is otherwise known as mechanically separated meat, and I’m probably one of the few people that don’t have a problem with it. I’m all for using every part of the animal that you can. Sure the parts of the animal that they put through the machines don’t sound too appetizing —trimmings, tallow, connective tissue, intestinal linings — but I’m willing to bet the rest of the butchering process isn’t too appetizing either.

People also think it’s bad that it’s treated with ammonia. I don’t know why people think having bacteria in there meat is better than small amounts of ammonia. It’s not like the stuff is soaking in ammonia. I’m sure they use as little as needed to remove the bacteria, any more would be a waste of money. I work at a water treatment plant. We add ammonia to the public water system. It combines with the chlorine and helps prevent disinfection byproducts that could be harmful. It’s all about the dosage amount. Just because ammonia is used in the process doesn’t make it bad for you at all. In fact it makes the meat safer for you.

What do people think hamburger is anyway? Ground up filet mignon? I’ve always assumed hamburger was ground up parts of the cow that aren’t good enough for steaks. A small percentage of mechanically separated meat wouldn’t bother me at all.

Boingboing writer Maggie Koerth-Baker has a nice article on Boingboing, and I agree with her 100%. Over there they have this picture:


This is what the beef “pink slime” really looks like. Not like that first picture that everybody feared to believe.

Here is a video of chicken mechanically separating machine:

While none of this is that appetizing, it is in no way bad for you. Why not use a little of this stuff in hamburgers, hotdogs, or chicken nuggets? If an animal has to die for use to eat, I’m all for using as much of that animal a possible.

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