About Las Vegas

Another day, another mass shooting. The same shit repeats every time. Everything is so predictable now. I’ve come to the realization that Americans are okay with mass shootings. That maybe Americans like them. There is no simple solution, but you got to think to do something would be better than doing nothing. Our elected officials have no interest in changing anything, and as long as we keep voting them in. I don’t ever see anything changing.

It’s interesting watching people’s reactions in the hours after each shooting before the facts get out.

A co-worker thought it was a “left-wing” nut that hated country music. That made me think, has there ever been a left-wing shooter? I don’t remember any. I did a little research and there hasn’t been much left-wing terrorism since the 70s.

My Sister-in-law was convinced the guy converted to Islam.

People don’t want to be part of the group of the shooter. The guy can’t be a conservative to my conservative co-worker. The guy can’t be Christian to my Christian sister-in-law.

I haven’t read much about the shooter because I don’t really care. His actions speak for himself alone. It doesn’t matter if he is a liberal or conservative, Muslum or Christian.

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